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Just a quick comment of my own…

I realized that when I started to blog, I was inviting possible scorn and abuse upon myself from those who disagree with me. I accept that. I even welcome it. I have no problem with it, because I can measure my reply and respond in the way I feel is appropriate.

But for the sake of civility and reasonable discussion, I would ask that in the future, should you take issue with someone who comments on my blog, please take it up with them in a less public forum. I do not wish to censor anyone or anything of that sort, but I do not want thoughtful discussion to get sidetracked by name calling.

Again, I welcome any and all to comment, dispute, rebuke if necessary – even blast me if you fell I need it (just don’t let your feeling get hurt if I respond in kind). But I wish to provide a safe place for everyone to let their opinions be known.

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